|| Salutations of GENIUSes to VEDAS & UPANISHADS ||

Almost all of us know about the achievements and glory brought to the scientific development for mankind by never-to-be-born-again scientists, physicists, astronomers, mathematicians and philosophers like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, W. Heisenberg, Isaac Newton, Erwin Schrödinger, Julius Robert Oppenheimer… All these elite and incomparable legends did all their part to give a boost to better understanding, conception and upliftment to those concepts which were merely a dream for the Human race of their time, such as, Law of Gravitation, Theory of Relativity, Concepts of Quantum Physics, Existence of Metaphysics, Atomic and nuclear phenomena etc. These were just a few hand-picked jewels out of the treasures these personalities have left for us to explore.

But, existence of GENIUS brains, eras before the birth of these aforesaid personalities can’t be denied, and fortunately they were born in India during the Vedic Era.

A huge difference lies between invention and discovery and REDISCOVERY… but the fact is that to accomplish any one of these three an exceptionally superior and functional grey matter is required for which we are bound to salute the elite personalities mentioned before.

Let’s move to the theory of gravitation…

This article of mine is neither having any intention to defame any iconic personality, nor any wish to undermine the effort, hard work and dedication of our ancestors just to bring the reality in front of our eyes from ether, either by discovery or invention or rediscovery.

Following are few accredition and salutations which Vedas and Upanishads received from our worldly geniuses..

Be it Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla or Issac Newton, none of us are fortunate enough to witness their great works by living in their times; but yet, Stephen Hawking, the genius whose works we know and have witnessed and which makes us proud to claim ourselves to be one of the homosapiens of Hawking’s era, also declared the vastness of Vedas and ancient scriptures.

Hence, there’s nowhere any point to avoid, ignore or abandon the fact that Vedas and Upanishads had something which attracted the attention of such genius brains who are been credited to possess the most smart and intellectual brain of their own time and another fact lies underneath is that to understand and decode those pre-historic scriptures, a stupendously high range of intelligence is required which is not present in most or say majority of us and hence, we substitute our part of creative activities with criticism stuffs whenever any discovery is made.